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Leather furniture is mistakenly perceived to be expensive. In fact, a good leather sofa is a wonderful investment, and will cost less per week over the life of the sofa, than the price of a cup of tea or coffee. As an example, a leather sofa costing £1,500, with a likely lifespan of 20 years, will cost you £1.50 per week. By comparison, the depreciation or loss made on a middle range family car, in the first year, would be more than the cost of a £1,500 leather sofa.

We use high quality leather from the Scottish tannery of Andrews Muirhead and Son, which is a very old established business, famous for quality leather. There is a big choice of plain colours, plus 10 semi-antique colours and some distressed leathers.

Faux Leathers
Man-made or faux leathers are the ideal product for anyone who likes the look of leather but would not consider buying any kind of animal skin for ethical reasons. They have a lot of the practical advantages of leather, although not so hard wearing. However, they resist scratches and scuffs much better than leather.

Another advantage ocver leather is that these materiasl "breathe" and cushions can be covered both sides. Unlike leather cushions which need a "breather" panel. There are several alternative finishes in faux leather, from a good choice of plain colours, to semi-antique, antique and severely distressed. All recommended for heavy domestic and commercial use. Samples available on request.

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