Leather Chesterfield

Probably the ultimate classic sofa, our Chesterfields are hand made. They are available in four standard sizes - but special sizes can be supplied to order. These sofas normally have seat cushions but can be made with a plain sprung seat (no cushions)

We are currently offering a choice of 40 plain colours from the Shetland and Inglestone ranges by Andrew Muirhead. There are also 10 colours in the semi antique Lustrana range. Most of these colours are suitable for all the sofas and chairs that we make, and we have a special selection for our Art Deco models. There is also a choice of distressed Leathers at a surcharge. These have a waxed finish that is less durable than the plain Leathers, but the distressed Leathers give a very authentic look to the furniture.


Chair39" (100cm)36" (91cm)29" (74cm)
2 Seat60" (153cm)36" (91cm)29" (74cm)
Large 2 Seat69" (176cm)36" (91cm)29" (74cm)
3 Seat81" (206cm)36" (91cm)29" (74cm)
Large 3 Seat90" (229cm)36" (91cm)29" (74cm)
2 Seat£1,940
Large 2 Seat£1,095
3 Seat£2,295

For fabric and leather samples please call 01273 820208

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